Stony Lake

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Stony Lake

Stoney Lake (also spelled Stony Lake) is a lake in Ontario, Canada. There are three interconnected lakes (Upper Stoney Lake to the northeast, Stony Lake in the centre, and Clear Lake to the southwest) which together are known as Stony or Stoney Lake. Stoney Lake forms the eastern end of the Kawartha lakes region.

Stoney Lake Facts


44° 33′

Common Tree Species

White Pine, Maple, Willow, Cedar, Oak, Elm, White Birch, Hemlock


78° 06′


Sandy loam

Aquatic Vegetation

wild celery, white waterlily, yellow waterlily, pondweed, common waterweed, pickerelweed, coontail




234.4 m or 769 ft ±

Fish Species

muskellunge, white sucker, carp, rock bass, pumpkinseed, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow perch, walleye

Max. Depth

32.0 m or 105 ft

Mean Depth



2827.1 hectares or 6980.4 acres

Shoreline Length

Lake: 71.4 kilometers or 44.4 miles
Island: 12.6 km or 7.83 mi
Interesting Fact: Stony is the deepest Kawartha lake with a maximum depth of 32 m. It is also the most north eastern of the lakes.

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